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Can you name the Countries of the World that start with H-U-R or T?

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Only Border with the Dominican Republic.
It's Capital is Budapest.
2nd largest Country in Central America.
Borders:DRC,Rwanda,Ethiopia,Kenya,and Tanzania.
On Sporcle, when you try to Type this country, most of the time, You get a Free United Kingdom.
Flag Colors:Red,Black,White,Green. It's in Asia as well.
It's Capital is L*n*o* (Not gonna say) One of the Most Populated Cities in Europe!
U- What am I doing? Okay, I'll give you a hint. Honolulu, Hawaii, is in this Country.
The only U, Stan country.
Not Congo!
May I remind you-Not Burundi.N-Not Burundi.
China sees this 'Country' a breakaway province, but the ******ese want Independince.
*Smallest country you can find in the Stans.*
Dar Ees Saalam! I'm in ********!
Where did you get this!!?!! Britannica? (Say Yes or No)
My Favorite! Insects! This 'T' country in southeast Asia really does that.
This is... The saddest country in the world...😭😭😖
Here we are... 20 hours of Boredom... Oceania! *onga!
Most southern country in the Caribbean
You're not in Silicy, Italy. More like between that and Libya,Algeria and Monaco.
Istanbul in
Uzbekistan vs. Turkmenistan:who will win in size?
3rd smallest country, smallest in Oceania. That's

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