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When was the first year a Porsche was sold?
What country was it approved to be sold in?
What was the name of the very first official Porsche to be sold?
What other car company did Ferdinand Porsche design for?
What was the top speed of the very first Porsche?
What was the original name of Porsche's best selling car?
In which Porsche model was did AUDI play a critical role in developing?
Which racing title has never been won by Porsche?
The Porsche Carrera GT has many special features, including the feature called PCCB, which stands for what?
Around the year 2004, Porsche had plans to build a 4-door car based off of the 911. What was this project's name?
Which Porsche had to be made using VW Beetle parts due to a component shortage?
In how many places has the Porsche 911 been built around the world since its creation?
How many versions of the Porsche 911 can be bought?
How many Boxsters are produced in Stuttgart, Germany each day?
What kinds of colors will Porsche paint your car?

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