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Can you name the songs based on their lyrics translated* into Shakespearean language?

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Shakespearean LyricsSongOriginal Lyrics
Strike thou hands together if thou feeleth liketh a parlour without a roof
What thou fails to comprehend is that I would seize explosive munitions for thou, thrust my metacarpus on a scythe for thou
Which individual takes residence within thy sub-aquatic pineapple fruit? Sponge Robert Square Pantaloons
I am at a payphone attempting to call thy home, all of my shillings I hath squandered upon thee
Observe me now. Observe me now, oh. I am acquiring parchment
Alas, firstly; allow me to taketh a self portrait
Baby, I don't needeth dollar bills to has't excit'ment tonight. I loveth vile thrills
Is it too late anon to sayeth s'rry? Because I am missing more than just thy corse
All thee has't to doth is stayeth, a minute, just taketh thy timeth. The horologe is ticking, so stayeth
The coxcomb'rs are going to misprise, misprise, misprise, misprise, misprise. Baby, I'm just going to shaketh, shaketh, shaketh, shaketh, shaketh. I shaketh off, I shaketh off

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