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Robert recently set an ergometer record for his age group in what distance?
The beginning of one of Robert's best original jokes goes as follows: A priest and a rabbi walk into a....
The punchline of said joke ends in the priest saying....
What high school did Robert attend?
Robert claimed that catfish can survive in what, before they metamorphose into butterflies
Robert is a rower, but he really wishes he was a...
In 2008, Robert was forced to miss rowing practice because of a leg wound. His initial alibi involved him hurting the leg doing what?
What actually happend was, he got...
Before a 2008 race in Seattle, Robert asked fellow rower John Wainwright how he felt about big versions of these animals
Outside of rowing, Robert enjoys running and...
Robert used this South American food as a codename for one of his 'secret' crushes
What does Robert share with head rowing coach Steve Todd?
On what Spring 2008 racing trip did teammates actually start to like Robert?
Where does Robert hide all of his murder victims?

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