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U.S. Space Program in the 1960'sA
Powerful Family in Italy during the RenaissanceB
Famous Chinese PhilosopherC
French Soldier and StatesmanD
Ancient Natural PhilosopherE
His assassination caused World War OneF
He preached non-violence and loveG
Carthaginian Emperor, sworn enemy of RomeH
Holding Camps during World War Two for Japanese citizensI
Mass suicide in 1978 in GuyanaJ
Leader of the Mongols from 1260 to 1294K
A revolutionary body that opposed King Charles I and the StuartsL
The program that rebuilt Europe after World War IIM
Dictator that the United States overthrew in 1989N
An empire that lasted 492 yearsO
A palace city in Ancient PersiaP
Dictator in LibyaQ
A period of free thinking and new ideasR
First ruler of the Qin DynastyS
Battle where 1,400 Greeks fought 300,000 PersiansT
A powerful Sumerian city-stateU
Leader of a 16th century state named WalachiaV
The battle that ended Napoleon reign as French emperorW
Leader of the PersiansX
A wartime meeting between the Allied leaders in World War IIY
A note during World War I that Germany sent to MexicoZ

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