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Forced Order
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Cause they may beat us in search but our fall is unstained,
She gave him everything, But he held her down and he tore her coat, I shouldn't have loved you, I shouldn't have loved you
Teach won't you teach your lesson, Though the young are hard to break, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, And the cost of school these days
If you please men of authority, We do not speak your language see, Please act accordingly
Don't you dare go ask the newsman, 'Cause he'll tell you everything he don't know
Closer she smiled telling me not to worry
Where are the leaders of the atomic age, Is it just another working day
One gonna help me talk right, Another gonna lay me down to sleep
Just rolling my smokes tight, You know they said it was alright, alright, alright
You know you had it coming if you say that there was nothing to see
And believe me I know she's turning angel, But you see this woman is all i got
Go 'head and load the magazine 'cause them bullets are treasonous
But I ain't got no money, And I intend to pay for my meal tonight
And oh sir, If you ever lose your way, you can call upon this family, you can call upon this day
Today when the door opens the rain slants in, There's water all over the floor, Busser waves to the meter maid, Who don't wave back no more
And if you feel like you are witnessing a movement, Then get up girl and let them know you're free
Please sir, there's women and children, They lie where they fell, They've done nothing wrong, Nothing at all
Dock man says the water gonna kill me, better that than sitting still
You've been hit with another blow, But still you give love, And you set our souls on fire
With the world on the killing floor, Will history not teach us all, That your god isn't your god isn't, Your god is no different
As you sit and call in sick, Your empire needs protecting
'Cause five winters, five winters in New York is plenty, I'd even say it's four too many
I did not know but, someone died in my sleep last night
And I'd see the gunners watch their empty hands, Fall down to their sides
So let the sugar cane ashes, Fall to your feet, Let it pile up around you, 'Till you're in it waist deep
Will you not refuse this currency, Or is blood money just money to you
Thou shall not, Thou shall not fear
This is not your land, This isn't anybody's land
No sorry I did not know, The pain you was in, When you was raising us kids
Whatever he's taking, Whatever he's making please don't give me any of those

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