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Can you name the 4 letter words in this movie themed word ladder?

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☆1975 film starring Roy Scheider☆
'Take your stinking ____ off me, you damned dirty ape!'
2011 film starring Owen Wilson, 'Hall ____'
'Dogs and cats living together... ____ hysteria!'
☆1985 film starring Cher☆
A piece of work to be done or undertaken
A long, pointed tooth
2002 film based on a novel, '____ Everlasting'
One of the sounds a clock makes
A famous Hobbit family of the Shire
☆1991 film starring Robin Willilams☆
2010 film starring Denzel Washington, 'The ____ of Eli'
'Animal House' brother of Bluto and Otter
Some 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' cast members
☆1982 film starring Jeff Bridges☆
☆2004 film starring Brad Pitt☆
Cafeteria carrier
The sound Shrek's buddy might make
'By the way, why are we wearing ____ on our heads?'
1993 film based on a video game, 'Super Mario ____'
Frida Kahlo famously only had one
☆2001 film starring Johnny Depp☆
Watchmen's Rorschach had his face covered in these
1981 claustrophibia-enducing film, 'Das ____'
☆2008 flim starring Miley Cyrus (voice)☆

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