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Her dream vacation destination with him.
His 23rd birthday present
An undergrad course they took together.
Her pet name.
First date.
First present he ever gave her.
An acronym he use to always type to her in emails.
First present she ever gave him.
Double date vacation destination.
His pet peeve about her.
Colour of her dress at his high-school prom.
'I would climb the _______ , just to see you on your birthday!'
Anniversary month.
Muffin + Cakes = ?
Love handles.
Restaurant of Chuck Hughes.
Something he loves, but she hates.
Lived off of this in university together (Hint:food).
Event in which their infamously lovey-dovey photo was taken.
A device imperative for their long distance relationship.
A giant cuddly friend he bought for her.
'I would go to _______ and back, just to see you on your birthday!'
Her favourite ice-cream flavour.
Second date restaurant.
A popular place, they've never been together (Hint:fun)
A formal event in which they wore matching pink outfits.
Their first 'fancy' restaurant.
Valerie's favourite present from Daniel.
First overnight trip together.
He has a higher affinity for this type of dessert.
A fictional creature she thought he resembled.
Duet song.
She wish he would and could do this more (Hint: transportation)
Went here to take pictures of something seasonal.
Her favourite physical feature of his.
His favourite past time, much to her dismay.
An awkward pet name he made up 'on the spot', during a game of ping pong.
First kiss, event in which it occurred.
Introduced to each other by this person.
Went to this small town to visit her family friends.
She FINALLY got rid of his hairy...
A 'fragile' present he got her from this band trip.
Tentative name of their future bunny.
Valerie's 21st birthday getaway location.
Flavour of home made ice cream.
A food they are constantly craving.

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