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Can you name the Toy Story Characters from the movies one and two?

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Forced Order
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The toy that rides like the wind.
The classic 'damsel in distress' during Andy's play time.
Mr. Potato Head's close friend.
The remote-controlled car.
Space Ranger action figure.
Sid's mutant with the baby doll head atop an arachnid body.
The commander of an army of plastic toy soldiers.
Sid's combination of a tuneful toddler toy with a combat carl head and Mickey Mouse's arm.
Andy's toy heavy weight wrestler.
A doll that knows all the sights in Al's Toy Barn.
Mr. Potato Head's 'sweet potato'.
Woody's cowgirl friend.
The walking talking Binoculars.
Andy's energetic dachshund.
A sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance.
Andy's spelling toy.
The broken squeak-toy penguin.
Sid's fishing rod with legs.
A hand that springs out of a wind up box.
The worshipers of the claw.
The shifty manager of Al's Toy Barn.
An elderly man who repairs Woody's torn arm.
Andy's favourite toy.
A toy dog with a metal slinky as a body.
Andy's Etch A Sketch.

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