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Can you name the destination stations on the Paris métro transport network?

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Line # (colour)StationHint
Line 1 (yellow)La _______
Line 1 (yellow)Château de _________
Line 2 (blue)Porte ________
Line 2 (blue)______
Line 3 (olive green)Pont de _________ Bécon
Line 3 (olive green)G_______
Line 3 bis (sky blue)Porte des _____
Line 3 bis (sky blue)G_______
Line 4 (purple)Porte de ___________
Line 4 (purple)Porte d'_______
Line 5 (orange)Place d'______
Line 5 (orange)_______ Pablo Picasso
Line 6 (green)_______ de ______ Etoile
Line 6 (green)______
Line 7 (pink)La _________ 8 mai 1945
Line 7 (pink)_________ Louis Aragon
Line 7 (pink)Mairie d'____
Line # (colour)StationHint
Line 7 bis (green)Louis _____
Line 7 bis (green)Pré __-_______
Line 8 (light purple)B_____
Line 8 (light purple)C______
Line 9 (pear green)Pont de ______
Line 9 (pear green)Mairie de _________
Line 10 (gold)________ Pont de St-Cloud
Line 10 (gold)Gare d'__________
Line 11 (brown)________
Line 11 (brown)Mairie des _____
Line 12 (green)Mairie d'____
Line 12 (green)Porte de la ________
Line 13 (light blue)_________ Montrouge
Line 13 (light blue)________-Genevilliers Les Courtilles
Line 13 (light blue)St _____ - Université
Line 14 (purple)Saint-______
Line 14 (purple)__________

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