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Pee Wee, Balbricker, Meat1982
Andrew Beckett, Joe Miller, Miguel Alvarez1993
George Parker, Betty Parker, Bill Johnson1998
Nick Falzone, Russell Bell, Mary Bell1999
Rozat 'Rusty' Sabich, Barbara Sabich, Raymond Horgan1990
Moses Hightower, Eugene Tackleberry, Carey Mahoney1984
Dutch, Dillion, Poncho1987
Robert Ramsey, Richard Nelson, Lucky Larry2006
Eli Wurman, Victoria Gray, Jilli Hopper2002
The Kid, Morris, Apollonia1984
Tommy Nowak, Lou Ann McGuinn, Roy McGuinn1989
Andie Walsh, Duckie, Blane McDonnagh1986
Edward Lewis, Vivian Ward, Kit De Luca1990
Henri Charriere, Louis Dega, Julot1973
Col. Dax, Cpl. Philippe Paris, Gen. George Broulard1957
Butch Coolidge, Jules Winnfield, Marsellus Wallace1994
Big Harold, Bunny, Lerner1986
Howard, Robin, Jackie1997
Jack Ryan, Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson, Sally Ryan1992
Eugene Simonet, Arlene McKinney, Trevor McKinney2000

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