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In what city is The Ohio State University
What is the mascot
What is the mascot's name?
Nickname for football stadium
Major Street running through the University
Nickname for the Ohio State Marching Band (Spelled out)
Popular song played at games
Basketball arena's name
University President (last name)
School colors
Biggest rivalry
Football coach
alma mater song
Name of the grassy area known as the heart of the campus
Year Ohio State University was born
The alumni house is named after this famous basket maker
This golfer has a museum on campus
Finish this phrase 'We don't give a damn for....'
Lake on campus in which students dive in before Michigan game
The school newspaper
Presentation tradition performed by the marching band on the football field
A senior member of the marching band playing this instrument gets to 'dot the i'
1936 Olympics gold medalist in Track and Field went here
The only 2 time Heisman Trophy winner and Alumni president
Name of the sports conference
Name of the session known as the pep rally
If someone yells “O-H!” at you, you must scream “_____” back at them. Failure to do so may result in bodily harm
The art center: The _______ Center for the Arts.
Name for the College of Business
Legendary football coach removed for punching an opposing player

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