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Can you name the history's most influential leaders?

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AmericaPresident/Founding Father
AmericaPresident/New Dealer
AmericaFather of the Civil RIghts Movement
AustriaChair of the Congress of Vienna
ChinaFirst Emperor of China
ChinaFounder of the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty
ChinaChairman of the PRC
EgyptPharaoh/Great Ancestor
EgyptThe Last Pharaoh
EnglandQueen of England and Ireland
EnglandKing of England, Ireland, and Scotland
EnglandQueen of the United Kingdom
EnglandPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
FranceHoly Roman Emperor/King of the Franks
FranceKing of France and Navarre
FranceFinal King of France and Navarre
FrancePresident of the French Republic/Co-Prince of Andorra
GermanyHoly Roman Emperor
GermanyChancellor of the German Empire
GermanyFüher of Germany
GreeceKing of Macedon
IndiaFounder of the Maurya Empire
IndiaEmperor of India
IndiaLeader of the Indian Independence Movement
ItalyDictator of the Roman Republic
ItalyEmperor of Rome
ItalyLeader of the Resorgimento
ItalyHead of Italy/Duce of Fascism
JapanShogunate Initiator
JapanFirst Shogun
JapanEmperor of Japan
RussiaTsar of All Russia
RussiaEmperor and Autocrat of All the Russias
RussiaEmpress and Autocrat of All the Russias
RussiaChairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union
RussiaGeneral Secretary of the Soviet Union
SpainQueen of Castille and León
SpainKing of Spain, Naples, and Portugal

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