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Quotes + PeoplePerson/ Who Said It
'The secret is a low flame over a long period.'
'Listen to Jake, Finn. He only wants what's best frrmmfomnom'
Marceline is a ____ vampire
'I'm the..the KING of.. of cool!'
'You thought I wanted to make out with YOU! Well, maybe I do...'
'Tree Trunks, get those ____ ____ in here'
'You're right, it is too hard. It's easier to wear a hat.'
Finn tells Tree Trunks she is a ___ ____ adventurer
'Holy Cow!'
'We got ya back!' 'I got his______'
Quotes + PeoplePerson/ Who Said It
'Hop on my _______ _______ boy!'
'I'm gonna unzip your skin and wear it as a coat'
'The gatekeeper made spaghetti!'
'Well, I want to marry you.'
'You make me feel like I'm hunging an old man.'
'Just add water, and... EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!'
'Every time he acts like a sissy, we'll destroy a big old lady!'
'Don't lumpin' yell at me!'
'Oh yeah, just let me turn my back on this guy.'
'I am NOT married!'

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