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Who was the first President?
Who was the first man on the Moon?
Who was the first President to die in Office?
Where was the first ever Shopping Mall?
Who (In Baseball) broke the Color Barrier?
What monument stands tall in St. Louis, Mo?
What was it built for?
What president had a farm in St. Louis?
What show featured the first Interracial kiss?
What date was the first ever live telecast?
What was it for?
How many Presidents have died in office?
Who was the second man on the moon?
Who wrote the hit novel 'Pet Cemetary'?
Who is the Piano man?
What year was Robert Kennedy killed?
Who wrote 'Dracula'?
Who said 'History is not Hatred'?
First Black man on the PGA was?
First openly Gay Politician?
Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?
Who was President in two non-consecutive terms?
Who killed Abraham Lincoln?
What country did USA bomb in WW2
A date which will live, in infamy

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