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What is the name of the first venti Jason, Piper, and Leo meet?
Who was Jason's father?
Who was Piper's mother?
Who was Leo's father?
Who was Piper's dad?
Who was Leo's Mom?
Which god did they meet in Quebec?Greek Form
What is this god's Roman form?
What did Leo name his dragon?
What goddess froze Festus' wires?
Where did they crash land?
What was the name of the shop they landed by?Cyclope's shop
What did Festus crash land on?Commonly found in bathrooms
What part of her body did Piper injure in the collision?
What was the name of the Main Cyclopes who wanted to kill them?The female
Which evil sorceress did they encounter in Chicago?(In the department store)
How did Piper snap Leo and Jason out of their trances?Piper's special ability
What tool did Leo use to call Festus to the store?
Who did they rescue from the store?He was captured by venti
Who did they bring the storm spirits to?
How often does this god report the weather?
What creatures created the floor in the palace?
Festus was destroyed by this person's security
Who is the 'Reaper of Men'Full name- sorry :(
How do you heal people who have been turned to gold?What do you use?
What Giant was Piper's Dad captured by?
How did Jason defeat said Giant?What is his last resort attack?
Where was Hera trapped?Where all Roman demigods begin
Who needed to work together to break her cageThe forge and dove ;)
By using Hera's power, which Giant was released?King of the giants
Who stared at Hera's true form?which demigod
What camp is Jason originally from?Roman Camp?
Which Titan did he slay in the Titan War?This titan wears ram's horns
Time to switch books! What was the second book in this series?
What creatures are chasing Percy?Sister's of Medusa
What was the name of the one that was selling Cheese n' Weiners?Which one of the creatures chasing percy
What was the name of the other one?
What is the greek name for Percy's sword?'Riptide' in greek
Which goddess did Percy need to carry to Camp Jupiter?ROMAN form
What did this goddess tell Percy to call her?Before she revealed herself as a goddess.
What river do you have to cross before entering Camp Jupiter?The Little _____
What cohort was Percy assigned to?
Who is Hazel's father?ROMAN form
Who is Frank's father?ROMAN form
What is Hazel's power/curse?
What is Frank's power?
What is Frank's life tied to?
'Fulminata'What does it mean in English?
Who is the male centurion of the fifth cohort?Also a state (North/South)
What are the names of Reyna's Lie-detecting dogs?
What is the name of the boat they are given for travel?Old, run down, partially broken boat.
What are the main three grain spirits that captured hazel?
What type of snakes did polybotes drop by Iris' shop?Harry Potter killed one of these
How did Frank kill them?He used ___:___= the name of the skeletal warrior that comes from the point of Frank's spear
What snacks did Iris throw at the Cyclopes?What sound does a doorbell make?
Iris is the god of?
Who is Iris' assistant?
What sea animal did percy use to drive the ship to Portland?
Which seer did they need to meet in Portland?
Which Harpy did Phineas want?
What was the seer's weakness?
What killed Phineas?
What Glacier did they need to go to?
What is the name of Reyna's sister?
What is the name of this group of powerful female warriors
What is the name of the horse Hazel stole and rode out on?
What is Arion's favorite food?
Who rose from the dead to challenge the queen of the amazons
What is the land beyond the gods?
What giant does Hazel attack on the glacier?
How does Frank free Thanatos?
Why can they not defeat the giant in Alaska?
What god does Percy use to help defeat Polybotes?
What is that god the god of?
Next Book?Sorry- I'm skipping most of the events in this book
Who is the goddess of magic?
Who does this goddess take a liking to?
What does she help teach Hazel to do?
Hazel and this goddess team up to defeat this giant in the House of Hades
After defeating Arachne and rescuing the Athena Parthenos, where do Percy and Annabeth go?A pit :)
What does Percy name the Titan Iaeptus
Which Titans do percy and annabeth battle at the doors of death?
What does Leo throw at the button to let Percy and Annabeth out?
Name the seven demigods associated with the prophecy of sevenNo commas or 'ands'
What is the title of the upcoming fifth book in this series?
If you beat this quiz- wow. I was taking really hard questions from the books. The answer to this question is: KH74G:):):):):)

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