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Forced Order
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The Major General of Fort Briggs
Second Homunculus introduced, known for being very hungry
An Ishbalan that carries out his brother's research and becomes and Alchemist himself
Younger brother, literally full metal
The First Homunculus introduced, known for being sexy
Fourth Homunculus introduced, known for wanting the world
The doctor that creates the Philosopher stone
Sixth Homunculus introduced, accidentally attacks Fort Briggs in the north, known for being lazy
Another one of Colonel's subordinates, is the shortest out of all of them
Gave friend a auto mail arm and leg after horrible disaster
Travels along side a murderer, has a tiny panda as a pet
Father of two brothers, a.k.a The Human Philosopher Stone
Mentor of the Full metal alchemist, A.K.A the Flam Alchemist
One of Colonel's subordinate, gets hospitalized after an accident
An Ishbalan that works at Fort Briggs
Last homunculus introduced, the king's son and takes the form of his creator's image
A Major in the military, murdered in a phone booth by a homunculus
Owner of the Auto mail shop in Ressembool
A Major in the military, A.K.A the iron-fist Alchemist
The Red lotus Alchemist, killed many Ishbalans in the Ishbalan Extermination Campaign
The life-sewing Alchemist. Father of a little girl he ends up turning into a Chimera
A Captain that has an Alligator Auto mail in Fort Briggs
Mother of two brothers, her death leads to horrible disaster
The first villain introduced, has a philosopher stone on a ring and people believe he has a connection with a God
Big brother, a.k.a Fullemetal Alchemist
Another one of Colonel's subordinates, he has really short hair
A prince of Xing, came to another country in hopes of finding immortality, gets taken over by a homunculus
A 2nd lieutenant in the Military, works at Briggs after Military Disaster
Third Homunculus introduced, kills a Major in a Photo Booth, known for being jealous
The King/fuhrer the country. A homunculus
Teacher of the two brothers
Father of prince's body guard.
The Flame Alchemist's subordinate, a female
Creator of all Homunculi, Dwarf in a flask

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