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what is the capital of assyria?
what is the minus of 20 and 30?
What team won the world series in 2000?
Who's chair is that?
what band wrote the song 'Creep'?
Colonel Sanders! What's a-matter, _____?
Kentucky Fried _______
What band did Dave Grohl start after Nirvana?
What three-man band had wrote the song 'Kashmir?'
What colors are on the german flag besides black?
If a man travels from his cabin south 1 mile, east 1 mile, and north 1 mile and ends up back at his cabin, what color is the bear?
If a train leaves New York travelling 55 mph at 7 AM, and a train leaves San Fransisco at 12 PM, when will they meet? (how many trains are there?)
What is Sting's real name?
What European city, also in Ohio, was a university city in the Reformation?

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