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Can you name the Union Cavalry Regiments at Gettysburg?

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1st Division 1st Brigade
Major John L. Beveridge 
Colonel George H. Chapman 
Lt. Colonel William L. Markell 
1st Division 2nd Brigade
Major William E. Beardsley 
Colonel William Sackett 
Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg 
Captain Seymour B. Conger 
1st Division Reserve Brigade
Major James H. Haseltine 
Captain Richard S.C. Lord 
Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbough 
Captain Julius W. Mason 
Major Samuel H. Starr 
2nd Division 1st Brigade
Lt. Colonel James M. Deems 
Lt. Colonel Greely S. Curtis 
Major Myron H. Beaumont 
Colonel John P. Taylor 
Lt. Colonel Edward S. Jones 
2nd Division 3rd Brigade
Lt. Colonel Charles H. Smith 
Major M. Henry Avery 
Lt. Colonel William E. Doster 
Colonel John K. Robison 
3rd Division 1st Brigade
Major John Hammond 
Lt. Colonel William P. Brinton 
Colonel Addison W. Preston 
Colonel Nathaniel P. Richmond 
3rd Division 2nd Brigade
Colonel Charles H. Town 
Colonel Russell A. Algers 
Colonel George Gray 
Colonel William D. Mann 

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