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Can you name the season in which major changes were made to the NHL rule book

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Goalies were permitted to fall to the ice to make saves. Previously, a goaltender was penalized for dropping to the ice.
Two lines were painted on the ice 20 feet from center, creating three playing zones, producing a 40-foot neutral center ice area. This is also when assists became an official stat.
A minor penalty would be assessed to any player who delayed the game by passing the puck back into his defensive zone.
Forward-passing rules were instituted at the beginning of the season. This more than doubled the number of goals scored
A further refinement of the offside rule stated that the puck must first be propelled into the attacking zone before any player of the attacking side can enter that zone. This is t
A penalty shot was awarded when a player was tripped and thus prevented from having a clear shot on goal, having no player to pass to other than the offending player. Penalty shots
Rules were introduced that governed icing the puck
The penalty shot was modified to allow the puck carrier to skate in before shooting.
Using a zamboni between periods became mandatory.
The red line at center ice was introduced to speed up the game and reduce offside calls. This rule is considered to mark the beginning of the modern era in the NHL. Delayed penalty
A player serving a minor penalty was allowed to return to the ice when a goal is scored by the opposing team
A rule was implemented that prevented players from leaving their benches to enter into an altercation.
NHL Helmet rule, mandating all players wear helmets who have not signed their NHL contracts before the start of this season
A five-minute sudden-death overtime to be played in regular-season games tied at the end of regulation was introduced.
Video replays were employed to assist referees in goal/no goal situations. (2) Major and game misconduct penalties were assessed for checking from behind into boards (boarding). (3
High sticking was redefined to allow goals that were scored with a stick below the height of the crossbar of the goal frame.
(1) The crease rule was revised to implement a 'no harm, no foul, no video review' standard. (2) Regular-season games tied at the end of three periods, resulted in each team being
(1) The center line was eliminated for two-line passes, and the tag up offside rule was reinstated. (2) Restrictions on the goaltender playing the puck outside a designated area we
Introduction of hybrid icing and a mandate that requires all players with less than 25 games of NHL experience to prior to the start of this season to be required to wear a visor

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