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Can you name the Confederate Infantry Regiments at Gettysburg?

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1st Corps McLaws' Division Kershaw's Brigade
Colonel John D. Kennedy 
Lt. Colonel David Langston 
Colonel David W. Aiken 
Colonel John W. Henagan 
Colonel William D. de Saussure 
Lt. Colonel William G. Rice 
1st Corps McLaws' Division Barksdale's Brigade
Colonel James W. Carter 
Colonel William D. Holder 
Colonel Thomas M. Griffin 
Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys 
1st Corps McLaws' Division Semmes' Brigade
Colonel John B. Weems 
Colonel William R. Manning 
Colonel Edward Ball 
Colonel James P. Simms 
1st Corps McLaws' Division Wofford's Brigade
Lt. Colonel Henry P. Thomas 
Lt. Colonel Solon Z. Ruff 
Colonel Robert McMillan 
Lt. Colonel Luther J. Glenn 
Lt. Colonel Elihu S. Barclay 
Lt. Colonel Nathan Hutchins 
1st Corps Pickett's Division Garnett's Brigade
Colonel Eppa Hunton 
Lt. Colonel Henry A. Carrington 
Colonel Henry Gantt 
Colonel Robert C. Allen 
Colonel William D. Stuart 
1st Corps Pickett's Division Kemper's Brigade
Colonel Lewis B. Williams Jr. 
Colonel Joseph Mayo Jr. 
Colonel Waller T. Patton 
Major Kirkwood Otey 
Colonel William R. Terry 
1st Corps Pickett's Division Armistead's Brigade
Major John C. Owens 
Colonel James G. Hodges 
Colonel Edward C. Edmonds 
Colonel William R. Aylett 
Colonel John B. Margruder 
1st Corps Hood's Division Law's Brigade
Lt. Colonel Laurence H. Scruggs 
Colonel William C. Oates 
Colonel William F. Perry 
Lt. Colonel Michael J. Bulger 
Colonel James L. Sheffield 
1st Corps Hood's Division Robertson's Brigade
Colonel Van H. Manning 
Lt. Colonel Philip A. Work 
Colonel John C.G. Key 
Colonel Robert M. Powell 
1st Corps Hood's Division Anderson's Brigade
Colonel William W. White 
Colonel John R. Towers 
Lt. Colonel John C. Mounger 
Colonel Francis H. Little  
Colonel William A. Jackson 
1st Corps Hood's Division Benning's Brigade
Lt. Colonel William T. Harris 
Colonel Dudley M. DuBose 
Colonel Wesley C. Hodges 
Colonel John A. Jones 
2nd Corps Early's Division Hays' Brigade
Major Alexander Hart 
Lt. Colonel Joseph Hanlon 
Colonel David B. Penn 
Colonel Trevanian D. Lewis 
Colonel Leroy A. Stafford 
2nd Corps Early's Division Smith's Brigade
Colonel John S. Hoffman 
Lt. Colonel Jonathan C. Gibson 
Lt. Colonel James H. Skinner 
2nd Corps Early's Division Hoke's Brigade
Major Samuel McD. Tate 
Colonel William W. Kirkland 
Colonel Archibald C. Godwin 
2nd Corps Early's Division Gordon's Brigade
Colonel James M. Smith 
Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson 
Colonel Clment A. Evans 
Lt. Colonel William L. McLeod 
Captain Walters B. Jones 
Colonel John H. Lamar 
2nd Corps Johnson's Division Steuart's Brigade
Lt. Colonel James R. Herbert 
Lt. Colonel Hamilton A. Brown 
Major William M. Parsley 
Colonel Edward T.H. Warren 
Lt. Colonel Simeon T. Walton 
Major Henry C. Wood 
2nd Corps Johnson's Division Stonewall Brigade
Colonel John Q.A. Nadenbousch 
Major William Terry 
Colonel John H.S. Funk 
Lt. Colonel Daniel M. Shriver 
Captain Jacob B. Golladay 
2nd Corps Johnson's Division Nicholls' Brigade
Lt. Colonel Michael Nolan 
Lt. Colonel Ross E. Burke 
Major Thomas N. Powell 
Lt. Colonel David Zable 
Major Andrew Brady 
2nd Corps Johnson's Division Jones' Brigade
Captain William P. Moseley 
Colonel John C. Higginbotham 
Lt. Colonel Robert W. Withers 
Major Norval Cobb 
Lt. Colonel Robert H. Dungan 
Lt. Colonel Logan H.N. Sayler 
2nd Corps Rodes' Division Daniel's Brigade
Colonel Edmund C. Brabble 
Colonel Thomas S. Kenan 
Lt. Colonel Samuel H. Boyd 
Colonel William A. Owens 
Lt. Colonel Hezekiah L. Andrews 
2nd Corps Rodes' Division Doles' Brigade
Lt. Colonel David R.E. Winn 
Colonel Edward S. Willis 
Colonel John T. Mercer 
Colonel Samuel P. Lumpkin 
2nd Corps Rodes' Division Iverson's Brigade
Captain Speight B. West 
Lt. Colonel William Davis 
Lt. Colonel Nelson Slough 
Colonel Daniel H. Christie 
2nd Corps Rodes' Division Ramseur's Brigade
Major Daniel W. Hurtt 
Colonel Bryan Grimes 
Colonel Risden T. Bennett 
Colonel Francis M. Parker 
2nd Corps Rodes' Division Rodes' Brigade
Colonel Cullen A. Battle 
Colonel Josephus M. Hall 
James N. Lightfoot 
Colonel Samuel B. Pickens 
Lt. Colonel John C. Goodgame 
3rd Corps Anderson's Division Wilcox's Brigade
Lt. Colonel Hilary A. Herbert 
Captain Joseph H. King 
Colonel William H. Forney 
Colonel John C.C. Sanders 
Colonel Lucius Pinckard 
3rd Corps Anderson's Division Mahone's Brigade
Colonel George T. Rogers 
Colonel David A. Weisiger 
Colonel Joseph H. Ham 
Colonel William A. Parham 
Colonel Virginius D. Groner 
3rd Corps Anderson's Division Wright's Brigade
Colonel Edward J. Walker 
Colonel Joseph Wasden 
Colonel William Gibson 
Major George W. Ross 
3rd Corps Anderson's Division Perry's Brigade
Major Walter R. Moore 
Captain Richmond N. Gardner 
Lt. Colonel William Baya 
3rd Corps Anderson's Division Posey's Brigade
Colonel William H. Taylor 
Colonel Samuel E. Baker 
Major Thomas J. Hardin 
Colonel Joseph M. Jayne 
3rd Corps Heth's Division Pettigrew's Brigade
Colonel Collett Leventhorpe 
Colonel Henry K. Burgwyn 
Colonel George H. Faribault 
Major John Q. Richardson 
3rd Corps Heth's Division Heth's Brigade
Captain Thomas E. Betts 
Colonel Robert M. Mayo 
Colonel William S. Christian 
Major John S. Bowles 
3rd Corps Heth's Division Archer's Brigade
Colonel Birkett D. Fry 
Major Albert S. Van de Graaff 
Lt. Colonel Newton J. George 
Colonel John A. Fite 
Captain Bruce L. Phillips 
3rd Corps Heth's Division Davis' Brigade
Colonel John M. Stone 
Colonel Francis M. Green 
Colonel Hugh R. Miller 
Colonel John K. Connally 
3rd Corps Pender's Division McGowan's Brigade
Major Charles W. McCreary 
Captain William M. Hadden 
Colonel John L. Miller 
Lt. Colonel Benjamin T. Brockman 
Lt. Colonel Joseph N. Brown 
3rd Corps Pender's Division Lane's Brigade
Captain J. McLeod Turner 
Colonel John D. Barry 
Colonel Samuel D. Lowe 
Colonel Clark M. Avery 
Colonel William M. Barbour 
3rd Corps Pender's Division Thomas' Brigade
Colonel Robert W. Fulsom 
Colonel Bolling H. Holt 
Colonel Thomas J. Simmons 
Colonel Samuel T. Player 
3rd Corps Pender's Division Scales' Brigade
Colonel Joseph H. Hyman 
Captain Leroy W. Stowe 
Colonel James Conner 
Colonel William Lee J. Lowrance 
Colonel William J. Hoke 

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