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Novi's frozen __________!
Ka-poel is described as this, the Dynize version of a Privileged.
What is Gavril's original name?
Gothen was what kind of sorcerer?
The street gang that Tamas uses to suppress the Royalists and root out Kez spies.
The Deliv city taken over by Kez soldiers impersonating Adran soldiers.
The Deliv Marked, disowned by his family.
What is Taniel's nickname?
The one-armed general stationed in Budweil.
The Privileged sorceress that escaped the initial coup.
Mihali claims to be what god/saint, reborn?
Which of Tamas' hounds dies in the encounter with a Warden?
The aged general who leads the group of Royalists immediately after the coup.
A member of Tamas' council, and Vice-Chancellor of Adopest University
What gift does Taniel give Tamas when he returns?
What is Nila's original occupation?
Which 'brand' of rifles is preferred by Tamas and Taniel?
Olem and Adamat are both ___________.
When Olem meets Tamas, he hides what behind his back?
The head of the Brudania-Gurla Trading Company.
What god/saint is said to be two-faced?
A chevron with a powder horn beneath it denotes which of Olem's company of elite soldiers?
Who is buried near the Fingers of Kresimir?
A member of Tamas' council, and the head of the Wings of Adom.
The town that Adamat sends his family to during the coup.

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