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Can you name the Apples to Apples adjectives?

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trashy, tawdry, far-fetched
occupied, meddlesome, engrossed
unsophisticated, childlike, simple
dull, tedious, monotonous
dazzling, gleaming, intelligent
daring, brave, courageous
mean, inclement, offensive
gummy, rubbery, stringy
brillant, radiant, shiny
shocking, scandalous, disgraceful
offensive, repulsive, annoying
washed, pure, tidy
dishonest, underhanded, shady
thoughtful, contemplative, wise
limitless, planetary, far out
funny, hilarious, amusing
hurtful, agonizing, unbearable
chilly, icy, aloof
cozy, snug, restful
unaware, oblivious, ignorant
pitiful, distressing, heart-rending
sophisticated, urbane, well-informed
vivid, brilliant, kaleidoscopic
deep, wise, thoughtful
fun, frisky, entertaining
crabby, cantankerous, grouchy
risky, chancy, hazardous
authentic, lifelike, resonable
deceased, expired, unresponsive
mean, harsh, merciless
innocent, unadulterated, chaste
insane, bizarre, wacky
frightening, slithering, scary
insane, wild, deranged
peaceful, silent, calm
fatal, lethal, murderous
imaginative, artistic, original
wealthy, affluent, moneyed
brisk, invigorating, rejuvenating
pleasing, enjoyable, charming
fanciful, whimsical, heavenly
picturesque, dramatic, panoramic
boring, stupid, blunt
unclean, soiled, impure
hazardous, daring, speculative
dismal, gloomy, sad
stately, honorable, distinguished
difficult, exacting, bothersome
scratchy, uneven, jagged
impaired, damaged, maladjusted
frantic, headlong, reckless
pointed, keen, acute
meaningless, absurd, foolish
peculiar, odd, bizarre
excellent, refined, flawless
even, level, flat
exceptional, superlative, radical
thrilling, breathtaking, arousing
frightening, electrifying, startling
passionate, moving, volatile
of Europe, from Europe, about Europe
snobbish, arrogant, smug
bashful, timid, cautious
marvelous, wonderful, incredible
timeless, immortal, perpetual
experienced, sophisticated, materialistic
perky, lively, spirited
malleable, pliable, mushy
awesome, outrageous, imaginary
scary, horrifying, awesome
gifted, clever, skillful
trivial, silly, shallow
aromatic, odorous, perfumed
pigeonholed, caricatured, characterized
dirty, foul, unclean
alien, unfamiliar, exotic
womanly, ladylike, unmanly
astonishing, staggering, astounding
groovy, psychedelic, hip
brazen, saucy, forward
honest, reliable, unfailing
scientific, futuristic, mechanical
downy, unclear, furry
hurtful, unhealthy, damaging
unethical, corrupt, unprincipled
unforgettable, bewitching, unearthly
risky, sickly, dangerous
guiltless, pure, naive
insensitive, cruel, uncaring
untamed, savage, ferocious
subdued, gentle, trained
religious, inspired, supernatural
affectionate, tactile, huggy
evil, corrupt, depraved
worthy, righeous, chaste
crazy, funny, wacky
abnormal, artificial, bizarre
flashy, showy, gaudy
masculine, virile, strong
amazing, remarkable, majestic
elderly, old, antique
adorable, endearing, cuddly
pessimistic, desperate, downhearted
beautiful, dazzling, stylish
elegant, supple, limber
noisy, boisterous, deafening
pure, innaculate, uncorruptible

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