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Can you name the Residents of Halloween Town from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'?

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Priority (Feature)CharacterBonus Info
Minor (Musical instruments)
Major (Lollipop)
Minor (Axe)
Minor (Unicycle)
Minor (Ragged clothing)
Minor (Red eyes)
Minor (One eye)
Minor (Pitchfork)
Major (Wheelchair)
Minor (Skeletons)
Minor (Rat hat)
Minor (Green gloves)
Major (Pinstripes)
Major (Blue lips)
Minor (Fingers like snakes)
Priority (Feature)CharacterBonus Info
Major (Two faces)
Minor (Dribbling face)
Minor (Fabric strips)
Major (Burlap sack)
Major (Stitches)
Major (Witch hat)
Minor (Top hats)
Minor (Bullet holes)
Minor (Gills)
Minor (Aversion to sunlight)
Minor (Warts)
Minor (Wing-legs)
Minor (Fur)
Major (Red nose)

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