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Can you name the Dark Souls 3 bosses (includes DLC)?

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Cemetary of Ash
High Wall of Lothric
Undead Settlement
Road of Sacrifices
Cathedral of the Deep
Farron Keep
Demon Ruins
Catacombs of Carthus
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
Anor Londo
Irithyll Dungeon
Archdragon Peak
Archdragon Peak
Profaned Capital
High Wall of Lothric
Consumed King's Garden
Untended Graves
Lothric Castle
Grand Archives
Grand Archives
Depths of the Painting
Ariandel Chapel (1)
Arandel Chapel (2)
Ariandel Chapel (3)
Dreg Heap (Old Firelink Shrine)
Dreg Heap (Old Firelink Shrine)
The Ringed City (Church of Filanore)
The Ringed City (The Chasm)
The Ringed City (Thrones of the Pygmy Lords
Kiln of the First Flame

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