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Junk shop owner
Golden protocol droid
Owner of the Millenium Falcon
Rodian bounty hunter
Tatooine gangster
Sand people
Mon Calamari Rebellion Leader
Dagobah Hermit
Alderaan Princess
Blue and white astromech droid
Jedi with a purple lightsaber
Leader of the droid army
Jakku Scavenger
Ginger-haired First Order Officer
Female First-Order Stormtrooper
Orange and White astromech droid
Administrator of Cloud City
Clumsy Gungan
Mandalorian Bounty Hunter's 'Son'
Former Stormtrooper who joined the Resistance
Clone Wars General-turned-Tatooine hermit
Naboo senator and former Queen
Tatooine Jedi-turned Sith
Tatooine farm boy
Imperial Leader of the Battle of Hoth
Ewok Chief
Kanjiklub leader
Sith master with double-bladed lightsaber
Prequel Sith Lord
Gungan military leader
Geonosian Separatist
Clone army DNA provider
Viceroy of the Trade Federation
Togruta Jedi Padawan
Overweight Rebel Pilot
Jabba's majordomo
Resistance's best pilot
Jedi portrayed by Liam Neeson
Attack of the Clones diner owner
Tatooine scavenger
Reptilian bounty hunter
Biscuit-loving Ewok
Cloud City's computor lieson officer
Great Pit of Carkoon inhabitant
Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Clone Captain
Clone Commander
Clone Wars bounty hunter
Jedi pupil who turned to the Knights of Ren
Kowakian monkey-lizard present in Jabba's court

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