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He dated Quinn at the beginning
He is the father of Quinn's baby
They're baking in this episode
Puck told her that he is a father
They performed the song during babysitting
The truth about who the father of Quinn's baby is comes to light in this episode
Quinn wrote it to improve her reputation (she was on the top)
Puck dated her in Laryngitis
Puck's mother didn't let Quinn eat it
Puck suggested to Quinn naming their daughter These names...
Quinn moved to her in 'Funk'
Quinn was thinking that those words were a good protection during sex with Puck
Quinn gave birth to her
She adopted Quick's baby
Quinn and Puck are partners for the sexual dance to this song
Puck sang it in Grilled Cheesus
Puck was absent in 2 episodes in season 2 because he was in it
Puck sang this song with Rachel
Quinn's dated him again in season 2
Puck wrote a song for her
At the beginning of the season 3 Quinn changed look and joined this group
Quinn saw Beth for the first time in tihs episode
Puck said to Finn that he had never used them during sex
Puck had an affair with her
Puck and Quinn were dancing together in the pool to this song
Quinn got into this university
During driving & texting Quinn was hit by it
Quinn spent Ditch Day with him
Puck and the rest spent Ditch Day there
He helped Quinn leave the wheelchair
Puck could fail because of this lesson
Puck met his father in this episode
Puck's prom date after Anti Prom
Quinn stood up at the prom during duet with her
Puck was him in Tina's dream
Quinn was her in Tina's dream
The song sung by Puck and Beiste
They won Nationals in this city
Puck passed with this grade
Name of Puck's brother
Quinn returned to Lima for this holiday
Quick met with old friends in this restaurant
Quinn slapped her when they were talking about Kitty
Quinn's boyfriend during Thanksgiving
Puck wanted to spend Christmas with Jake there
Santana, Rachel, and Quinn sang it in 'Naked'
Puck was her prom date
Quinn had a sex with her
Puck lived with him at the collage
Puck sang it in honor of Finn
Puck joined there in honor of Finn
In '100', Puck called himself like this
Quick returned to McKinley in this episode
Quinn's ex boyfriend who came to Lima with from Yale
Quinn, Santana and Brittany performed it in choir room
Puck sang it to Quinn
The word that Quinn said to Puck at the end of '100'
They bacame officially a couple in this episode
Their first and only duet
They only kissed how many times?
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