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Can you name the Missing L words from these films?

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Sir Ian McKellen
Priest of _________ 
________ Action Hero 
The Battle of ________ Jo 
The ______ of the Rings: The Two Towers 
Adam Scott
The ______ Evil 
Who _______ the Sun 
_______ Year 
Bruce Willis
_______ (2012) 
The Cold _______ of Day 
______ the Favorite 
______ Number Slevin 
Uma Thurman
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The _______ Thief 
The ______ Before Her Eyes 
Sweet and ________ 
A Month by the ________ 
Samuel L. Jackson
________ Weapon 1 
_______ Isaiah 
Trees _________ 
The _______ Kiss Goodnight 
Michelle Pfeiffer
Dangerous ________ 
What ______ Beneath 
Sweet _________ 
People _______ Us 

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