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16,950 - This young lady appears in a French Christmas carol. She isn't named Lucifer, but it would be fitting
12,809 - This gospel starts the Christmas story by recounting Jesus's genealogy
11,995 - An angel came to him in a dream and told him not to divorce his wife
10,826 - He delivered the news to Mary that she would conceive a son even though she was a virgin
10,764 - This name is a form of Yeshua, which was probably the real name of Jesus
10,431 - This gospel tells of the birth of both Jesus and John the Baptist
9,564 - A musically-inclined angel might be one of these
7,061 - This name comes from a Latin phrase that literally means 'the birthday of the Lord'
6,713 - This saint may not actually put coal in the stockings of naughty kids, but at the Council of Nicea, he reportedly punched a guy in the face over a theological disagreement
6,255 - One of these appeared to the shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem to announce Jesus's birth, initially terrifying them
5,442 - According to the Nueva VersiĆ³n Internacional of the Bible, Jesus was descended from David through this family member
4,165 - Many people place this object on top of their Christmas arbor
3,840 - You might receive 22 of these from your true love by Epiphany
3,504 - Although you can't tell from the Social Security data, which doesn't record accents, most bearers of this name are probably given the Spanish form
2,833 - She appears in a famous Christmas ballet
2,740 - In the US, this is currently the most popular form of the name of Jesus's mother
2,611 - She is an indispensable figure in any nativity scene
2,548 - This name means 'God is with us.' During advent, you may ask him to come and ransom captive Israel
2,269 - Two plants in the genuses Ilex and Hedera have a titular role in an English Christmas carol. Both are used as names, but this plant (Hedera) was more popular in 2014
1,759 - The Christmas season in Auckland
1,731 - This is the usual English form of a Persian name meaning 'treasurer,' which is traditionally given to one of the Wise Men
1,433 - According to the song, Good King Wencelas delivered food and wine to a poor peasant on this saint's feast day
1,421 - This saint is usually depicted wearing a crown of candles
1,280 - This name is the feminine form of a name that means 'Christmas' in French
984 - If, for inexplicable reasons, you decide to name your son after one of the gifts the Wise Men brought to Jesus, he could use this as a nickname
724 - This name, from a Greek phrase meaning 'Epiphany,' made quite an appearance on the popularity charts in the 1980s
708 - The berries of this evergreen plant as somewhat toxic to people and pets
688 - Many impatient (or well-prepared) families open presents on Christmas _____
687 - Isaac Watts wrote the lyrics to a Christmas carol featuring this emotion
566 - The angels o'er the plain spend a long time sweetly singing this Latin word
533 - The Christmas season in Toronto
519 - Her question about Santa was famously answered in the affirmative
439 - A Russian nickname for a name that means 'Christmas'
326 - Mateo 2:2 says the magi followed one of these to find Jesus
263 - This is the Spanish name of the town where Jesus was born
250 - This name means 'beautiful' in French, but an English speaker might associate it with an object that is a popular shape for Christmas chocolate
193 - Unlike her husband, she'll eventually be able to use her Christmas present. She just needs to wait for her hair to grow back
157 - Members of this profession were some of the first people to hear the news of Jesus's birth and visit him
148 - This Christmas activity peaked in popularity as a name in the 1940s
133 - An angelic accessory
102 - Her companion has the most popular female name in this quiz
79 - You may create houses or men flavored with this spice over the Christmas season
77 - In many parts of the world, you're only dreaming of seeing any of this on Christmas
47 - This name was used for a character created in 1939 by Robert L. May
44 - He became a Cratchit family benefactor after receiving some spectral assistance
21 - In some areas, this is a homonym for the name of one of Jesus's relatives and part of a Christmas greeting
19 - It's almost Christmas, so don your sequin sweater, paint your nails with glitter polish, and do this
13 - Although much less used than another Wise Man name, unlike Melchior, this one actually does make the Social Security Administration's list
6 - Unfortunately, this name is more popular for girls than boys, so most of its bearers will probably never be able to grow the traditional long beard
5 - This appellation seems to be more popular for logs than baby boys

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