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The girl who goes missing
Who's brother is
Who's half sister that he made out with is
Who almost married
But actually married
Who was killed by
Who stole the game from
Who dated this person in Season 1
Who's best friend is
Who dated
Who's stepsister is
Who's stepdad is
And got married to
After he divorced
Who was proposed to by
And slept with this person because Hanna shoplifted
Who was killed by two gun shot wounds soon after the lodge fire started by
Who dresses up as
Who got karate kicked by
Who was taught karate by
Who was broken up with so Aria could date
Who's brother is
Who's mother is
Who payed this person to stay away from Ezra
Who's son is
Who's fake dad asked this person to marry him
Who appears at this person's house for a party
Who had an affair with
Who broke up a marriage by sleeping with this person's husband
Who's ex-fiance is
Who flirted on
Who's boyfriend is
Who's former housemate is
Who was seen talking with this person at the Costume Masquerade
Who's stepbrother is
Who's dated/dating
Who dated this tennis pro
Who met Spencer practicing a game for her father named
Who was married to
Who's husband slept with
Who was married to
Who's daughter was questioned by
Who's professional partner is
Who gives a lie detector test to
Who meets this person and talks at Jonah’s Diner
Who is on a lacrosse team with
Who worked at The Brew with
Who's dad is
Who's married to
Who saw drugs in this person's bag
Who's went to True North with
Who tied up this person with tape

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