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to go
to be able to
to start
to do/make
to hear
to play
to repeat
to dance
to speak
to open
to learn
to live
to receive
to run
to watch
to eat
to practice
to eat breakfast
to travel
to write
to have
to come
to start
to return
to close
to understand
to think
to lose (item)
to prefer
to want/love
to eat lunch
to count/tell
to sleep
to meet
to show
to remember
to ask for
to get
to say
to follow
to put
to leave
to suppose
to bring
to repeat
to see
to fall
to give
to know
to be worth
to understand
to confess
to wake up
to defend
to go to sleep
to remember
to return (item)
to move
to say goodbye

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