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What is his wife's name?
What is his son's name?
What is his dog's name?
Where did he go to high school?
Where did he go to college?
What was his profession for a year after graduating from college?
What is the name of his freestyle rap group?
What YouTube collab channel did he participate in in 2011?
How many Tonys has he won?
What's the name of his short musical based on a nonfiction podcast story?
T/F He grew up vegetarian
What Harry Potter house was he sorted into on Pottermore?
Where was he when he had the idea for Wait for It?
What is his mom's profession?
What is his dad's profession?
What kid's show does he often tweet about?
What did the internet tell him to give Jonathon Groff for his birthday?
What color is his favorite sweater?
What is his favorite line from the opening number of Beauty and the Beast?
What was the nickname for his high school?

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