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Can you name these facts about The Office episode 'The Alliance'?

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What office object does Dwight move closer to his desk so more people will hang out by him?
What party decoration does Phyllis suggest having for Meredith's birthday?
Angela turns down this color of said decoration, claiming that it's 'whorish'?
What flavor cake does Michael tell the Party Planning Committee to get?
What is the current major threat to the office, which prompts Dwight to ask Jim to form an alliance with him?
Dwight: 'Do you want to form an alliance with me?' Jim:
When Dwight thinks Jim is getting secret information from Toby & Kevin, what is he really talking to them about?
What animal does Meredith's birthday card have on it?
Not knowing that the donation is per mile, Michael pledges how much money to Oscar's nephew's walkathon?
What medical procedure did Meredith have done, which Dwight suggests to Michael as a possible topic in his birthday message to her?
Dwight: 'I'm a deer hunter, I go all the time with my dad. One thing about deer: they have very good vision. One thing about me: I am better at ________ than they are at _________'
What does Dwight hide inside in the warehouse so he can listen in on possible secret conversations about alliances?
Why can't Meredith eat her own birthday cake?
Who goes down into the warehouse and has a fake phone conversation to trick Dwight?
How many miles did Oscar's nephew walk in last year's walkathon?
In Meredith's card, who wrote 'Good news, you're not actually a year older, because you work here, where time stands still'?
Who wrote 'Happy Birthday, you're the best'?
Who wrote 'Let's hope the only downsizing that happens to you is that someone downsizes your age'?
Whose birthday is the same day as the party, but they don't tell anyone except Toby?
What color does Dwight dye his hair at the end of the episode?

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