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In this episode, Jim is trying to renew one of his biggest sales of the year. What percent of his yearly commission does this sale usually end up providing?
What game does Pam like to play on her computer?
Name one of two races that Dwight says he is attracted to.
What is the name of the man who comes in to facilitate Diversity Day?
Which comedian's routine did Michael imitate, offending many & prompting the need for Diversity Day?
Who recreates said routine during the meeting, who Michael says is 'butchering it'?
Name one of the words that the presenter's acronym H.E.R.O. stands for.
When Michael signs the Diversity Day statement, what name does he use?
Michael to Toby: 'This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just...'
To whom does Michael attribute the quote 'If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.'?
Michael says he is 2/15ths this nationality:
What country did Oscar grow up in?
While the employees wear notecards on their heads labeling them as different races, who does Michael label himself as?
What do Pam's & Stanley's notecards say, which Michael refers to as 'the Olympics of suffering'?
Pam: ' would maybe not be a very good driver.' Dwight: 'Aww man! Am I...'
Who does Michael taunt, resulting in him getting slapped in the face?
Who ends up stealing Jim's big sale?
Who continues wearing the 'Italian' card long after the diversity game is over?
What does Michael think collard greens are actually called?
Pam falls asleep on Jim's shoulder. Even though he had a frustrating afternoon, he says this at the end of the episode:
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