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Can you name these facts about The Office episode 'Pilot'?

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In what city does the show take place?
What is Michael Scott's job title?
At the time of this episode, how many years had Michael been working for Dunder Mifflin?
Where is Michael's 'special filing cabinet' for things from Corporate?
What does Michael's mug say on it?
What is Jan's last name?
What is Todd Packer's nickname for Jan?
Dwight: 'One word, two syllables...'
Name one of the four people Michael says he considers to be his heroes:
What is Dwight's job title?
What is Pam's favorite yogurt flavor?
What item of Dwight's does Jim put in Jello?
Jim's Jello-themed pun: 'I've always been your biggest...'
Ryan's Jello-themed pun: 'You should've put him in...'
Who is Pam's fiance?
How long have they been engaged?
Who does Michael fake-fire?
What other employee is in the room during the fake-firing?
What was the alleged 'reason' for the fake-firing?
What item of Michael's does Jim put in Jello?

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