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Can you name these items from Brooklyn Nine-Nine based on A-Z?

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The winner of the Jimmy Jab GamesA
Charles got shot twice in this spotB
Jake's least favorite kind of cakeC
Terry has a hard time building this for his daughtersD
Words can't fully express Gina's thoughts, so she starts speaking in...E
The name of Gina's dance troupeF
Rosa leads a task force to take down the distributors of this drugG
Captain Holt hurts his arm taking this kind of classH
Jake calls Amy this once...AKA the parrot from AladdinI
Jake's middle school girlfriend, who broke up with him at his Bar MitzvahJ
The game Captain Holt and Gina can't stop playingK
Gina says she was born for politics because she loves...L
The flavor of ice cream Scully and Hitchcock steal from RosaM
Scully's first nameN
Captain Holt says that love is like... (It sustains you)O
What Jake's grandma calls himP
Amy's apartment looks like she lives with her grandma because she says she likes...Q
Amy makes Holt a scrapbook called 'From...'R
Charles and Jake take down two of these at ChristmastimeS
When Terry was overweight, his nickname was...T
The horrible Jack Danger works for this branch of the governmentU
Charles almost marries this woman (she calls him 'Chuckle Bunny')V
On Halloween, Jake must try to steal Captain Holt's...W
The precinct has one of these machinesX
What Captain Holt calls his motherY
FREEBIE: Jake's favorite letter to stick on the end of words, making them 10x coolerZ

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