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1963Steve McQueen
1969Paul Newman
1971Clint Eastwood
1966Documentary by Bruce Brown
1988Kevin Costner
1960Jack Lemmon
1976John Wayne
1986Gene Hackman
1992Daniel Day-Lewis
1948Lamberto Maggiorani
1989Kevin Costner
1959Cary Grant
1983C Thomas Howell
1982Sylvester Stallone
1962Frank Sinatra
1967Sidney Poitier
1953Alan Ladd
1944Fred MacMurray
2004Javier Bardem
1941Humphrey Bogart
1981J├╝rgen Prochnow
1977Harrison Ford
1993Sean Astin
1952Gary Cooper
1982Ben Kingsley
1955James Dean
1971Gene Hackman
1942Humphrey Bogart
1992Clint Eastwood
1999Vin Diesel (Voice)
2000Russell Crowe
1939James Stewart
1961Paul Newman
1987Kevin Costner
1940Henry Fonda
1968Steve McQueen
1946Frederic March
1988Bruce Willis
1973Bruce Lee
1992Denzel Washington
2005Russell Crowe
1983Sam Shepard
1969John Wayne
1951Marlon Brando
1958James Stewart
1930Lew Ayres
1994Tim Robbins
1967Paul Newman
1960Kirk Douglas
1988Gene Hackman
1974Jack Nicholson
2000Denzel Washington
1995Mel Gibson
1941Orson Welles
1954Marlon Brando
2002Matt Damon
1976Sylvester Stallone
1995Tom Hanks
1989Matthew Broderick
1975Jack Nicholson
1984Ralph Macchio
1951Humphrey Bogart
1973Paul Newman
1981Ben Cross
1936Gary Cooper
1993Liam Neeson
1976Dustin Hoffman
1964Michael Caine
1970George C. Scott
1962Peter O'Toole
1972Al Pacino
1957Henry Fonda
2001, 2002, 2003Elijah Wood
2002Leonardo DiCaprio
1966Clint Eastwood
1989Robin Williams
1956John Wayne
1942Gary Cooper
1998Tom Hanks
1999Kevin Spacey
1954Toshiro Mifune
1953Burt Lancaster
1957Fess Parker
1962Gregory Peck
1962Sean Connery
1972Robert Redford
1992Brad Pitt
1957William Holden
1947Gregory Peck
1999Brad Pitt
1981, 1989Harrison Ford
1946James Stewart
1961Sidney Poitier
1984Robert Redford
1984Bill Murray
1959Charlton Heston
1993Bill Murray
1986Tom Cruise
1996Vince Vaughn
1962Eddie Albert

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