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What are the tasks of the President
When we divide the government into three branches of government it is known as?
. Which of the following is not true? A. The Supreme Court can declare laws passed by Congress and signed by the President to be unconstitutional. B. The president may remove a Con
. What is the highest court in which an individual citizen can appeal?
. What is the Bill of Rights?
What is suffrage?
1st Amendment?
. 2nd Amendment?
13th Amendment?
18th Amendment?
19th Amendment?
. 26th Amendment?
. 14th Amendment?
. What is the body of electors who represent the people’s vote in choosing the president?
. Who was the first President of the United States?
Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury?
What stated that the United States would not take sides with any European countries that were at war?
What PA rebellion demonstrated how unhappy farmers in the west were with the new taxes placed on whiskey?
. What laws allowed the president to remove foreign residents he thought were involved in treason or plots against the government
. What purchase made by Jefferson doubled the size of the United States?
What war fought against Great Britain, the United States was upset about the impressments of soldiers, interference with shipping, and helping the Native Americans?
This was an exclusive statement that warned Europeans against interfering in the Americas?
What are feelings of pride and loyalty to a nation called?
Which compromise added Missouri as a slave state, Maine as a free state, and drew a line the 36 30’ line through the territories dividing free and slave territories?
How did voting change under Jackson’s democracy?
What court case stated that the national bank was constitutional?
. What act passed in 1830 authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to new lands in the West?
. What was the Cherokee’s 800 mile forced march across the Mississippi to new lands is known as?
. What was a 2,000 mile long which stretched from places like Independence, Missouri, or Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Oregon Territory?
. What battle took place at an abandoned mission where the Mexicans attacked and left almost not survivors?
What was known as “the obvious fate, to settle land all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spread democracy”?
What was a period of rapid growth in using machines for manufacturing and production that began in the mid 1700s?
What machine is responsible for removing the seeds from a cotton crop, and it makes the south more reliant on slave labor?
. A person who fights for the end of slavery is known as?
. What organization was a network of hiding places to help fugitive slaves escape to the north?
. Under this agreement California entered the union as a free state, Texas would give up some land in exchange for the government paying their debts, no slaves would be traded in W
Which side had a large population, good roads, good railroads and a better developed economic system which would help them in the Civil War?
Which side had a strong military tradition, many farms to grow food, and took a defensive position in the war?
Where was the end of the Civil War where Lee signed the surrender to General Grant?
. What was the process of readmitting the former Confederate states to the Union is called?

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