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In the opening several minutes before the credits at the beginning of Season 3, nobody does what?Episode 'Seed'
When the group arrived at the prison, this person runs into the yard to shut the gate to keep more walkers from coming in:Episode 'Seed'
Who is the first to kill one of the armored former-guard walkers?Episode 'Seed'
Tomas's group had been locked in this part of the prison before Rick's arrival:Episode 'Sick'
Who is among the band that clears out the cell block for Tomas's group?Episode 'Sick'
Who first comes across the crashed helicopter?Episode 'Walk With Me'
At the beginning of the episode, we see a gate being broken open while nearby walkers are distracted by the carcass of a:Episode 'Killer Within'
Which member of the group is most vocal that the remaining two members of Tomas' groups should be allowed to join Rick's band?Episode 'Killer Within'
Merle asks The Governor to let him go search for Daryl while The Governor is:Episode 'Killer Within'
T-Dog sacrifices himself to so that this person might escape:Episode 'Killer Within'
The person sets off with Daryl to search for formula for the baby:Episode 'Say the Word'
With the formula procured, this person feeds and calms the crying baby:Episode 'Say the Word'
Glenn and the surviving convicts dig this many graves in the yard:Episode 'Say the Word'
What question asked by the voices on the phone does Rick not want to answer?Episode 'Hounded'
Daryl finds this item that suggests Carol might still be alive:Episode 'Hounded'
As she passes out from her wounds at the prison gates, these two step outside the compound to rescue Michonne:Episode 'When the Dead Come Knocking'
The group that heads to Woodbury to rescue Maggie and Glenn numbers:Episode 'When the Dead Come Knocking'
Andrea watches while Milton performs pre- and post-reanimation experiments on a terminally ill man with the last name: Episode 'When the Dead Come Knocking'
Which happens first in the mid-season finale?Episode 'Made to Suffer'
Daryl realized Merle is still alive when:Episode 'Made to Suffer'

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