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Can you name the The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 1 Special?

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After leaving Atlanta, Rick's stated destination is: Episode 'What Lies Ahead'
While the group was stopped when the RV broke down, Andrea kills a walker with: Episode 'What Lies Ahead'
Trying to track Sophia, who helps Daryl kill and perform a gruesome autopsy on a walker?Episode 'What Lies Ahead'
The episode begins with a flashback of Lori at a:Episode 'Bloodletting'
The man who accidentally shoots Carl is named:Episode 'Bloodletting'
The medical supplies Shane goes to retrieve are located in a/n:Episode 'Bloodletting'
In the short lucid moment before he suffers a seizure, Carl tells his mother about:Episode 'Save the Last One'
Daryl and Andrea come across a walker who had tried to:Episode 'Save the Last One'
Hershel insists that after they found Sophia the group should:Episode 'Cherokee Rose'
Who finds the water-logged walker in the well?Episode 'Cherokee Rose'
In the pharmacy, Glenn receives an offer for:Episode 'Cherokee Rose'
This person was the source of the Chupacabra myth:Episode 'Chupacabra'
Before his accident, Daryl finds this item of Sophia's at the side of a river:Episode 'Chupacabra'
'Don't be too hard on yourself. We've all wanted to shoot Daryl.' Who says this?Episode 'Chupacabra'
What are fed to the walkers kept in the barn?Episode 'Secrets'
Who was the most vocal opponent of Carl learning how to shoot a gun?Episode 'Secrets'
Among the walkers in the barn are Hershel's wife and:Episode 'Secrets'
In the pharmacy, Glenn partially beheads a walker with a:Episode 'Secrets'
Who tells Shane that his thinking Sophia was dead was bullsh!t?Episode 'Pretty Much Dead Already'
Who among Rick's group fired on the walkers who were freed from the barn?Episode 'Pretty Much Dead Already'

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