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When Rick Grimes stops for gas post-apocalypse, he comes across a young walker girl. He sees her stoop down to pick up what item? Episode 'Days Gone Bye'
In one of the pilot's better moments, as he attempts to navigate the hospital, Rick passes by a room full with walkers . What is written on the door of the barely secured room?Episode 'Days Gone Bye'
Rick theorizes that his wife was alive, based on the fact that these were missing from their house: Episode 'Days Gone Bye'
As Rick drives towards Atlanta, he broadcasts a call on his CB. The person in the camp who first attempts to respond to his call is: Episode 'Days Gone Bye'
A - Rick hears Glenn's voice B - Rick see the helicopter C - Rick kills a walker in the tank at close range D - Walkers attack his horse Put this list of events from Rick's arrival in Atlanta in chronological order.
'We're all dead because of you.' When Glenn brings Rick to the others in the department store, who greets Rick with this less than hospitable welcome? Episode 'Guts'
In his standoff with Merle, Rick referred to himself as Officer ________: Episode 'Guts'
Right as the titular guts wash off him, Rick requisitions this type of vehicle to rescue the rest of the group: Episode 'Guts'
When we see Merle at the beginning of the episode still cuffed on the roof of the store, he is reminiscing about committing what crime?Episode 'Tell It to the Frogs'
The conflict between Shane and Ed that boil over later in the episode begins with an argument over: Episode 'Tell It to the Frogs'
When Rick decides to travel back to the city for the guns and for Merle, who goes with him? Episode 'Tell It to the Frogs'
The scene at the beginning of the episode shows Amy and Andrea fishing in the quarry. The scene suggests what about their parents? Episode 'Vatos'
What do they do with Merle's hand?Episode 'Vatos'
Who was the first one to notice Jim's obsessive digging? Episode 'Vatos'
What did Glenn do in his previous life?Episode 'Vatos'
Who in the camp was the first to be bitten by a walker? Episode 'Vatos'
This is the first person in the camp that spots blood on Jim's shirt and realizes he was bit: Episode 'Wildfire'
'We don't kill the living.' This is said by ____ to ____ :Episode 'Wildfire'
'That sound you hear? That's God laughing while you make plans.' Who says this?Episode 'Wildfire'
Prior to the camp survivors arriving at the CDC, we see a transmission Dr. Jenner makes in which he states that it's been this long since 'Wildfire was declared.'Episode 'Wildfire'
Jenner addressed the CDC computer as:Episode 'TS-19'
While most of the party reveled in the showers at the CDC, these two characters were shown as being less than gleeful in the shower: Episode 'TS-19'
'They thought they were close to a solution....' According to Jenner, scientists of this nationality held out the longest: Episode 'TS-19'
Jenner refers to the mechanism that will destroy the CDC as: Episode 'TS-19'
Ultimately, this number of characters refused to leave the CDC as it self-destructs: Episode 'TS-19'

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