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Can you name the Walking Dead's all Rick Grimes questions special?

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What was Rick's job pre-apocalypse?
Why was he in a hospital?
Who are the first survivors he encounters?
Where do the three hide?
What did Rick say to the bicycle walker before killing it?
What is his main weapon?
Who saved Rick from the tank in Atlanta?
What did he take from the tank?
What are the names of the six survivors he meets at the mall?
Who is Lori to Rick?
What is the name of his son?
What is the name of Rick's best friend?
Who went back for Merle with Rick?
Where did Rick wanted to go after the attack on the camp?
Who is left in the woods all alone by Rick?
What did Rick gave to Carl after his got shot?
What did Rick put in the drawers?
Who did Rick saved from walkers in town when he went looking for Hershel at the bar?
Who did Rick fled the farm with?
What did Rick said to the group after they fled the farm?
Where did the group find refugee?
What living persons did he kill so far?
Who saved Rick from Andrew?
What is the name of Rick's newborn baby?
What cell block did Rick move in?
Who did Rick go after in Woodbury?
Who goes with Rick in Woodbury?
What is Rick's eye color? :)
What is Rick's role in the group?
What did Daryl threaten Rick with when he told him he left his brother in town?

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