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Can you name the Walking Dead's all Merle Dixon questions special?

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How many brothers does Merle have?
What is he doing on the rooftop in Atlanta?
Who does he start a fight with?
Who handcuffs him to a pipe?
What does he call Andrea?
How does T-Dog describe his brain?
How many teeth did he punched out of his sergeant?
How many months did Merle spent in prison for that?
What does he do to get out of the handcuffs?
What does he say to Daryl to drop in the woods?
Who does he find in the woods next to the helicopter?
Where does he take them?
What does Merle have instead of his hand?
Who does he work for?
What does Andrea give him?
What does Merle do to the walkers caught in the trap?
What does he make fun of Milton for?
Who does Merle fight in the screamer pits?
Who wins?
What does him call the 'message' Michonne let him?
What does it say?
What does he call Gargulio?
What does he call the fact that he found Glenn and the group again?
Where does he take Maggie and Glenn?
What does he do to Glenn?
What does he offer to bake for Rick?
What does he throw at Glenn?
What does he have in common with Andrea?
What does the Governor do to him in ep 308?
Who does the Governor bring to him?

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