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Can you name the Walking Dead's all Andrea questions special?

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What was Andrea's job pre-apocalypse?
Who helped her and her sister escape Atlanta?
How old is Andrea?
Who gave her the gun she has?
Where did Andrea live before the outbreak?
How many years is she older than her sister?
What does she want to give Amy for her birthday?
What is she doing by the lake with Amy, Jacqui and Carol?
Who does she pick a fight with there?
Who taught her how to fish?
What kind of bait does she uses?
Who dies in Andrea's arms?
What is the last thing she says to that person?
What does Andrea drink at the CDC?
Who convinces her to leave the CDC?
Where does she hide on the highway, when they cross paths with a herd of walkers?
With what does she kill the walker that attacks her?
Who saves Andrea in the woods when she is attacked by a walker?
Why does she go into the woods with Daryl?
'I don’t know if I want to live… or if I have to or if it’s just a
Why does she shot Daryl in the head?
Who teaches her how to shot better?
What does she uses to kill Annette Greene?
Who does she fights with in the kitchen?
Who does she save when the farm is overrun by walkers?
Who saves Andrea in the woods?
Who finds her near the helicopter crash?
Where does he take her?
Who does she fall in love with?
Who does she spots in the smoke when the town is attacked?

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