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Large Spider - Venom priced at 100 Galleons
Serpent created from magical fires left to burn unchecked
Irish Phoenix
Serpent hatched from a chicken egg by a toad
Nocturnal flying mammal sold as a pet
Dangerous cow-like creature with two horns
Sapphire insect with its wings on its head and a long stinger
Cross between a manticore and a fire crab
Amortal shape-shifting non-being, takes form of viewer's worst fear
Hand-sized insect guardian of wand wood trees
Greenish, many-eyed fungus
Human head and torso, horse body; NOT A HALFBREED
Flightless fowl often kept as a pet/ used in consumables
Lion head, goat body, dragon tail
Small crab-like parasitic thaumavore/electrovore
Arboreal creature resembling monkey/frog cross
Rooster with a lizard/dragon tail
Jack Russell with a forked tail
Dark non-being that feeds off human happiness
Ape creature that can turn invisible
Plump, fluffy-feathered and flightless bird that can disappear/reappear to escape danger
Domesticated creature considered a pet or guardian
Venomous Fairy-like creature
Giant winged fire-breathing reptile
Small stocky humanoid creature
Marsh-dwelling creature resembling dead wood while stationary
Elvish pointy-faced creatures with a taste for children
Huge one-horned creature resembling a rhinoceros
Small human-like being with large insect-like wings
Large six-legged turtle-like crab with a jeweled shell
Garden pest similar to garden slug
Magical moth
Ten-inch, brown toothless worm
Aquatic horse capable of flight
African bird with brightly colored feathers
Ugly creature resembling slimy, buck-toothed ogre
Seemingly friendly giant aquatic creature inhabiting the Black Lake
Grey, furry, flying insect
Magical creature known to infest wizarding household gardens
Small golden bird with fully rotational wings
Large dangerous hump-backed creature with two golden horns
Head and front legs of an eagle, body, back legs and tail of a lion
Small, horned, pale green water demon/ Dark creature
diminutive, one-legged creature with the appearance of wispy blue, grey or white smoke
Horse head and forequarters, fish tail and hindquarters
Proud creatures with eagle head, front legs, and wings, horse body, hind legs and tail
Resembles fleshy pink mushrooms covered with black bristles
Flightless, bland creature resembling a pixie
Resembles an overgrown ferret
Small blue speckled bird silent until death, where it screams every sound it ever heard backwards
Water demons resembling scaly monkeys
Shape-shifting water demon usually seen as a horse
Resembles hedgehog, but sees a food gift as a trap and will savage provider's garden
Magical feline resembling a large cat
Mischievous humanoid creature which enjoys pranks
Carnivorous Dark creature resembling a black cloak
Simple aquatic creature with a long rubbery spout and a venom sac
Light grey creature with green spots resembling a lobster
Human head, lion body, scorpion tail
Resemble a half-human, half-fish hybrid; NOT A HALFBREED
Silver-green lizard with shrinking abilities
Shy creature with smooth, pale grey skin, four spindly legs that end in large flat feet with bulging eyes on top of its head
Marine beast with a growth on its back resembling a sea anemone
Treasure-hunting creature with a long narrow snout
Demon-like creature resembling a piglet, but with narrow black eyes, a thick stubby tail, and long legs
Giant dangerous mammal similar to leopard
Plumed, two-legged serpentine-bodied creature with wings that may reach up to fifteen feet in height
Bird of prey often kept as a pet and used to carry postage
Large swan-sized scarlet bird with red and gold plumage, a golden beak and talons, black eyes, and a tail as long as a peacock's
Small, bright blue flying mischief-maker, and loves tricks and practical jokes
Small round fish with two legs ending in webbed feet
A foot-tall Russian demon with a hairy body and an oversized grey head
Small creature covered with shaggy rough hair and walks on two cloven hooves
Popular pet covered in soft fur and spherical in shape
Dangerous magical beast with five legs, each ending in a clubfoot, and covered with thick, red-brown hair.
Silver fish with ability to anchor ships in place
Larger rodent often kept as a pet
Small, dwarf-like creature that lives where blood had been shed
Resembles a giant oxen with a golden hide
Three-headed snake about six-seven feet long
Small fire dwelling lizard that feeds on flames
Aquatic creature with a horse-like head and snake-like body
Magically-created species of fish covered in spines which seeks out and destroys muggle fishing nets
Long, thin, legless reptile
Riddle-loving creatures with the head of a human, and body of a lion
Giant poisonous snail that changes colors hourly
Ash-colored warthog with invisibility abilities
Canine with three heads
Amphibious less popular pet
Magical creature of prodigious strength and immense stupidity
White, equine creature with a single horn on its forehead
Human being who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf
Gigantic and extremely powerful breed of Winged Horse
Breed of Winged Horse with a skeletal body, face with reptilian features, and wide, leathery wings that resemble a bat's
Giant white furred humanoid creature
Dark creature with the appearance of a woman with floor length black hair, a skeletal face, and green skin
Powerful gigantic humanoid
Highly intelligent race of small hominids with long fingers and feet that coexist with the wizard world
Savage being resembling an ugly, old witch but has more warts
Magical creature immensely devoted and loyal to the one designated as its master
Homo Sapiens
Large magical creature with ugly appearance and green skin
Magical hominid that is famed for biting people on the neck and sucking their blood
Race of semi-human, semi-magical physically beautiful humanoids
Disembodied spirit of once-living witch or wizard
Large, vicious, nocturnal white dog
Indestructible spirit of chaos

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