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ComponentNormal ValueAlteration Could be d/t...
Bilirubin↑ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Cholecystitis
BUN↑ Hemoconcentration and absorption of protein (blood) in GI Bleed & Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis
ALT↑ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis
WBC↑ Infection or Stress Response of Pancreatitis, GI Bleed
Amylase↑ Pancreatitis
Electrolytes↑ Hemoconcentration in early GI bleed or Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis
Fibrinogen↓ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis
Calcium↓ Pancreatitis, Malnutrition
ComponentNormal ValueAlteration Could be d/t...
Ammonia↑ Liver Failure
Albumin↓ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Malnutrition
Prothrombin Time (PT)↑ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis
Hemoglobin↓ GI Bleed, Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis
AST↑ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis
Lipase↑ Pancreatitis
Hematocrit↓ GI Bleed, Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis
Platelets↓ Liver Dysfunction, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, GI Bleed

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