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Pituitary - AdenohypophysisHypothesized to control testosterone production; identical to LH
OvariesStimulates female secondary sexual characteristics
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisPromotes lactation
ThyroidIncreases BMR and heat production
Pancreas/Islets of LangerhansIncreases blood glucose
PlacentaStimulates maturation of breast tissue for lactation
TestesStimulates male secondary sexual characteristics
OvariesCyclic changes of the uterus
Adrenal CortexResist stressors; influence energy metabolism
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisPromotes production of gonadal hormones
Adrenal CortexReduces sodium excretion; increases blood sodium concentration
Pituitary - NeurohypophysisStimulates water reabsorption in kidney tubules
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisCauses cells to increase in size and divide
Adrenal MedullaStimulates sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight
Pineal GlandRegulates biological cycles, eg Circadian rhythm
ThyroidLowers blood calcium levels
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisAppetite control
Adrenal CortexDevelopment of sexual characteristics
ThymusStimulates development of white blood cels
Pancreas/Islets of LangerhansDecreases blood glucose
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisStimulates adrenal cortex to release corticosteroids
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisStimulates gamete production
Pancreas/Islets of LangerhansInhibits insulin and glucagon production
Pituitary - AdenohypophysisStimulates thyroid gland to produce Thyroid Hormone
PlacentaCauses pelvic ligaments and pubic symphasis to relax and widen
Pituitary - NeurohypophysisStimulates milk ejection and uterine contractions
ParathyroidIncreases blood calcium levels
Adrenal MedullaStimulates sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight
ThymusStimulates development of white blood cells
PlacentaStimulates corpus luteum to secrete estrogen and progesterone
PlacentaIncreases maternal metabolism; mother in positive calcium balance

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