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Can you name the car manufacturer by their slogan?

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The Power of Dreams
Let's Motor
Discover What a ___ Can Do For You
Grab Life by the Horns
The Best Car in the World
Driven to Thrill
Auto Emocion
Rethink / We're Still Here
Zoom. Zoom.
Reach Higher
New Doors Opened
There Is No Substitute
Driven by Passion
Break Through
Born to Perform
United By Individuality
The Power to Surprise
Welcome to the State of Independance / Move Your Mind / Born of Jets
Das Auto / Drivers Wanted
Drive One / Built Tough
The Drive of Your Life
There's Only One
Moving Forward
Love. It's what makes a ___ a ___.
For Life
Accelerating the Future / Inspired Performance
Like Nothing Else
Power, Beauty, Soul
Inspiration Comes Standard
Truth in Engineering
Drive Your Way
The Pursuit of Perfection
An American Revolution
The Ultimate Driving Machine
Professional Grade
We Are Driving Excitement
Unlike Any Other

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