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smallest dog breed
biggest dog breed
fastest dog breed
spotty dog breed
a grey dog breed
an ancient breed with the pharaohs
queen Elizabeth has these
used to chase rabbits and badgers out of holes
used to get duck with their tales
take a quick nip at the cattle heels
was originally bred to hunt lions
originally meant to hunt rats in coal mines
originally hunt rats in factories
meant to dive off the boat to retrieve broken nets and hurd fish
normally used as a UK police dog
the largest terrier
1800s used as circus dogs
originally used to jump into ponds and retrieve game
known as the monkey dog
best scent trackers
used a guard dog in Chinese temples
popular herding dog
most popular breed
smallest type of greyhound toy group
has very long hair needs alot of grooming
'soundless dog'
greyhound with long hair on ears
positions as a point when find game

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