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A radar technician from another Lucasfilm franchise.
♠️ Mama's Boy ♠️
Name of large store where groceries are bought
♠️ 'Disguised' name of a familiar freckled face ♠️
Female Horse
Hay is organized into these
Common Toy
Late Alderaanian Ruler Organa
Urbandictionary shortened version of 'Brilliant'
2016 Oscar Winner Larson
♠️ Nationality of Marcus Brody, among other characters ♠️
Spoiled child
Tempo of Music
Cushion in a Car
Type of Vocalization Used Often by Black Jazz Musicians
♠️ Nationality of Henry Jones, Sr. ♠️
'I am not throwing away my...'
Place where things are bought
A boat; ♠️ alternatively, Indy/Marion ♠️
Snack typically made from potatoes
To sever or cut
Chain restaurant that serves mainly pancakes
I'm gonna be comepletely honest with you: I couldn't think of a real word that would work here. Type 'inoy'.
♠️ Name of our hero! ♠️

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